Lost City

A Bit Rusty

We meet half-elf Rust, learn that all nations are in a cold war, and witness him saving a slave boy.

It is now 100 years in the future. The situation between all the races, especially the humans and elves, is at a breaking point. Cold war is upon all of the nations. Before, where there was wariness, there is now distrust and where there was dislike, there now is pure hatred. We meet Rust, a thirty-something half-elf who has lived in the Lo Woods (human side), almost on the border of the Hye Woods (Elven side), since he was four years old, without incident. Elves think half-elves are an abomination, but are not worth the trouble of trying to kill them. Humans, on the other hand, think that half-elves should be stamped out as they are an impure addition to the human race. One day, out of the blue, a merchant wanders into Rust’s camp. Rust hides immediately and listens to the merchant cry for help. Rust throws his voice across camp to ask him what he was needing help with. The merchant, Cedric, replies that his son has gone missing and ran into the woods, and he also admitted that he was a slaver. Rust was not moved by this plea and told him to leave him.

Two days later, another visitor stumbles upon the camp. This time it was a small boy, around 11 or 12. As Rust hides again, the boy pleads for someone to help him find his father. Rust came out to offer his services, feeds the boy (who looks half starved) and begins the journey through the Lo Woods. After a handful of miles, another group traipses through, this time soldiers from New Erif. Rust takes the boy behind a bush and clamps his hand over the boy’s mouth. The boy, however, wriggles free with a shout of “Daddy!!” One of the guardsmen embraced the boy, and Rust revealed himself. The soldier said that he had always heard of a man in the woods, but now he knew it was true. He thanked Rust for his assistance with his son and Rust leaves the men to go back to his camp. Things settle down for a couple of weeks until… to be continued.



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