Lost City

A Bit Rusty 2: Electric Boogaloo

Rust gets jumped by a thug and Marros awakens to scare everyone shitless.

For the second time, a bunch of men come through Rust’s camp, this time in the middle of the night. Rust stealths himself successfully into a bush right in front of the two men’s faces. The merchant demands that the man crack a sunrod, and he does so. It turns out that it is the merchant slaver and a thug-looking guy. They talk about how the merchant is displeased that Rust lost him “his merchandise” (the boy). The merchant states that he wants to get Rust caught for what he did to him, as well as because he is a dirty half-breed. They start collecting stuff from his camp, and Rust springs upon the merchant, knife to his throat. The thug draws his warhammer. Rust demands why they were doing this, and the merchant tries to justify. Rust then decides to incumber the merchant by slicing his achilles tendon, and to go after the thug. They get in an altercation, and Rust gets down to half health, and uses second wind to return him to his normal defenses. The thug decides to bull rush him and he pushes Rust into a large stone boulder behind him.

At that precise moment, the air turns thick and humid, despite it previously being a cold night and the boulder behind him starts to vibrate. Clouds start overlaying a previously completely clear sky. Out of the stars, a sharp radiant beam of white light shoots from the middle of the clouds and into the center of the boulder. It is…a man. No, a goliath. An eight feet tall figure of stone and clay. He draws his weapon, and leaves everyone on the field stunned. Rust runs out of the line of fire, as Marros draws his falchion and stabs the thug through the chest. The thug drops to his knees and falls on the blade. Marros runs to the merchant, who is trembling at the sight of him. Rust tries to kick the merchant in the face to impede him, but Marros ends up taking his bare fists and caving his head in. After the fight’s conclusion, Rust and Marros are still unsure of each other, so then decide to part ways, Marros to the town, and Rust to clean up the dead bodies.

Rust finds nothing on the thug but blood, but the merchant had 500 gold pieces, four thunderstones, and a miniature golden cask of endless ale. He also had a beautiful and ornate gold/platinum compass, which Rust discerned was magic, due to the slightly vibrating and thick-air nature of the artifact. Rust takes the evening and stride and decides to be on his path alone… to be continued.



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