Lost City

Fire the beetles!

Rust and Marros decide to part ways only to be united again after Marros encounters living stone gargolyes and Rust is threatened by a fire beetle.

Marros and Rust split ways. Rust goes about settling the rest of his camp whereas Marros decides to go to Erif castle. He follows the signs and finds his old home. He finds it overgrown, yes, and continues to wander around, finding Grainger’s Weapons Emporium. Door ajar, he finds that strangely, despite its abandoned state, not many weapons are gone. He wanders to the back, to find Grainger and his son still collapsed on the floor, both have turned to stone. He hears rustling in the outside in the front of the shop. He enters to see two gargoyles wandering around the shop, and both try to attack him using psychic means. One is successful with an invisibility meld but their luck runs out whenever Marros smacks the hell out of one, and kills the other with an opportunity strike. Afterwards, he searches a cabinet they seem to be protecting and found two potion bottles. He leaves the weapons shop, to see a cloud of smoke rising from the Lo woods….


Rust buries the bodies away from his camp and tries to put things back in order. Things go alright before two armed guards arrive, one named Clyde, the other Hershel. Hershel has a fire beetle on a harness. The men tell Rust to clear off before he makes him. Rust decides to fight. The beetle smokes as a threat. The fight begins, and eventually Marros happens upon them. Marros sees that the smoke and runs to Ben’s camp. In this fight, he kills the guards and the beetle. He speared Clyde into the ground, watching him gaping like a fish as the last lights dim out of his eyes. He killed the fire beetle as well. Due to it never combusting, even though traditionally fire beetles self-combust at the end of their lives, the beetle’s shell cracks open to show a firestone. Like Rust’s thunderstones, these can be thrown to generate small versions of the elements in a particular area.

Rust, whose life has been life has been saved by Marros on two occasions, accepts his help and decide to travel together… to be continued.



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