Lost City

Getting Lucky

Marros is sucked into another astral plane, meets a dragon, and solves a riddle.

Marros wakes up in the middle of a beautiful, serene, unblemished valley. In this valley he can see for miles and miles. It is quiet but not unearthly still, as birds are chirping and there is a slight breeze. He decides, in seeing a pool of water to the south, to make his way to it in order to take a drink from the pool. When he sticks a hand in to do so, a rock outcrop in the middle of the lagoon disappears and reappears in front of him. It turns out it was not rocks at all but a large white dragon. At first, Marros cannot tell if the dragon is going to act antagonistic towards him but it turns out the dragon is confused. He asks him what he is doing here ahead of his time. Marros replies that he was sent here by a witch named the Black Widow who put him under a sleeping spell. The dragon, Draelos as he is called, replies that he should try and get out of this plane and that he could do so by retrieving four keys held by elemental guardians. Draelos told Marros to return the keys to him so that he could be released. Draelos told him they might not understand his purpose, as many try to escape (only two have) in order to live again, therefore might attack.

Marros goes to the woodland sector, the ground shakes and rocky outcrops fly out of the ground to form an entity. Marros successful intimidates it in order to get the first key. The earth elemental told Marros that he would have to piece together a riddle and answer it in order to leave and that each guardian held a piece of it. Marros received the riddle piece “The force from the Beginning.” Next, he traveled to the lava quadrant. Here he tried reasoning with the elemental spirit but was unable to make himself understood nor intimidate him. Eventually, the elemental-lava fire spirit was defeated when it fell to the ground and Marros stabbed it through the back with his falchion. The fire spirit had enough cognizance to know when it was defeated, and triggered the vents to spell out the next clue “Like the legend of the phoenix.” Next elemental being was that of the wind spirit, who took the form of a giant vortex. As it began to swirl around Marros, he tried appealing to its intelligence.

Marros said that Draelos told him that something was wrong on the outer realm if he was able to be sent here. This spirit seemed saddened and gave him the piece of his puzzle “What keeps the planet spinning.” Lastly, was the water spirit who looked like a lake-wide water canine. This spirit knew of Marros’s quest and gave him the key, “All ends with beginnings”. He returned to the center of the world to give Draelos all the information and was met with a new issue—this was a riddle. Draelos asked him, simply, what was the force from the beginning. Marros asked if there was a right answer, to which Draelos mystically replied “it is whatever is correct for you.” Marros then settled on the answer of “Rebirth being the force that keeps the planet spinning, the force from the beginning.” Draelos nodded sagely and bits of Marros started started to dissolve into small pieces of light.

One hundred years later, a half-elf pinned by an angry mob in the corner awakens what he originally thought was a particularly large boulder….to be continued.



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