Lost City


Marros and Rust travel north, Alanna sleepwalks into a forest, and the party is accused of being kidnappers.

We cut back to Marros and Rust recently, who had already begun following the magic hum of the compass. However, in a completely anacronistic way, the compass starts vibrating similar to a mobile phone. Marros examines the compass. Instead of how previously, the compass’s needle was lazily rotating in circles around the face, the compass is now pointing due north. In opening the lid of this banged-up compass, they can make out some indentations that look like letters, but cannot make them out due to age. Marros and Rust decide to follow the compelling nature of the compass…


Pax and Alanna are now in the city proper. The Port of Wendir is mostly made out of bright, polished luminescent gemstone, but due to night falling and the shops closing, this is never examined further. Alanna knew of an inn right in the entrance to the city called The Gilded Steed that offered a small bar and rooms for the night. While in the bar, Pax overhears two raucous drunken elves talk about a small string of kidnappings and dismemberments of young female persons. Pax brings it up to Alanna, but she doesn’t pay much attention as she gives Pax his key to the room. They settle in for the night.


After crossing a small strait, Marros and Rust reach the island that the Port of Wendir is located on. The Port of Wendir is one of the largest elven settlements that currently exists as there is only the city proper, with its gates, on this tiny island and the rest that surrounds it is deep forest. They are able to set up camp in a copse of trees less than half a mile from a beautiful gemstone wall.


Pax receives a knock at the door. He knows it immediately as Alanna. Disgruntled, he opens it, to find her standing in a long, white Little-House-on-the-Prairie-esque nightgown, hair down in waves down her back. Her eyes are open completely and she’s holding the compass at arm’s length in front of her.

After getting Pax’s attention, she turns around and goes down the stairs, out of the room. Davis is nowhere to be found (probably at the gritty bar The Three Titted Mermaid). Pax tries to stop her, but she is undeterred as she exits the tavern and goes to the street at around 3 AM. Pax grabs his weapon as he follows her. She walks out into the nearby woods, Pax on her heels.


Rust is sleeping and Marros is meditating, as Goliaths do not sleep but meditate for four hour increments. A rustling is heard in the bushes, and he goes and investigates. What steps out of the bushes is…a bunny.

Then followed by a human girl with crazy sleep hair, holding a compass and walking straight into his camp. She walks over to sleeping Rust, who is awoken by the compass vibrating so much that he is woken up by it. At his stirring, Alanna collapses to the ground. Pax enters the clearing to see Rust next to Alanna, who is now unconscious on the ground.

At this precise moment, as the three are taking each other in, a small “Aha!” sounds from one of the bushes. Three elven guards jump out, one with a bow and two armed with both long and short swords. The tiny one with a bow shouts “My gods, I can’t believe it, we caught the kidnappers!”

As they look around, the realize the incriminating nature of how their situation looked. But rather than trying to explain it, they immediately get the jump on the elves. Rust gained concealment in a bush, Marros took center along with Pax, who did not notice Marros at the time. The battle begins and it is fierce. Rust, in a stroke of genius, tries to strangle one into unconsciousness with his belt, but it fails when he got shot in the hand with the archer’s arrow and he loosens his grip. Marros cuts a guy open with his own sword and tears him in two. Rust shoves his arrow in the prey’s eye, and Pax helps Marros finish some guys off. Marros tore an arm off of a guy and beat him to death with it. Pax is horrified by Marros’s bizarre appearance.

In the last moments of battle, the one with the arrow in his eye tries to pick up Alanna. As soon as he touches her, she punches him in the face, thus shoving the arrow through his eye socket, killing him instantly.

At the end of the battle, after some wholesome body desecration, they main combatants pick their pockets. Rust and Pax find some gold, and Marros finds a turban that modifies appearances. After the hubbub has died down, Alanna asks Rust for the compass and asks if he had anything to clean it with. Taking his potent moonshine and a bit of a dead elf’s garb, she is able to clean enough off of the compass to read it and exclaims “It’s…you.”

On the other side there is life—and there is death
Truth in the now should be given proper breadth
All speak truth, all speak lies
The three must be given the proper eyes

Driven by stone, driven by moss
Driven by loneliness, driven by loss
He needs them all to truly know
The way by which he needs to go

She tries to convince all of them that the prophecy, now depicted on the Agire compass, is referencing them. All are disbelieving, but Marros understands enough to convince Rust that this is what they should do. Alanna tells them that she has a feeling that they might have to traipse into Elanoar… She then tells them that they should keep camp here until she could figure something out to get them safely in the city …to be continued.



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