Lost City

The Flashback Episode

18-year-old Marros is kicked out into the human world, breaks a door down with a human male, and is sentenced to working in the Erif guard.

We received a flashback into Marros’s past before Black Widow or Draelos. This memory started in Marros’s clan and the surrounding ones, who live on Bald Craig [on the island of the Citadel of Ridebal the Elder] (the only mountain in the area with no snow). Marros’s grandfather, Aroutelus, tells the 18-year-old Marros that it was time for him to make a name for himself in the outer world and return to him with adventures to tell. He leaves and traipses through the woods until he comes across a sign, which said Forden Keep if he could read it. Entering the town, he spies a woman beating laundry on a line as it grows more and more dusky. He approaches the woman, who has never seen a Goliath before, but does not try to call the local law enforcement. She rushes inside.

Marros walks further into the town and comes across a smallish figure wearing an Assassin’s Creed-esque outfit, standing outside of a door with one foot propped up. Marros approaches him and asks him if he has an adventure. The man says that he could give him one. The men enter The Golden Earring, the local tavern of Forden Keep. The bar is raucous now it is after dark. Two men on a small stage play the keyboard and a windchime type instrument. While Marros gets funny looks, no one starts anything with him. They continue to the bar, where the man makes conversation with the bartender and tavern owner, a flamboyantly gay man with two pierced ears named Curly. Curly calls over a barmaid, Ambre, and another man at the bar, Frank. James, our suspicious man, talks to the group about raiding the nearby citadel’s city hall in search of plans for advanced weaponry. He said he had a man who would pay them 10,000 gold pieces for them. James insisted a 60% cut, whereas Curly, Frank, and Ambre would split 40%, and that this did not include Marros. Marros, while not able to follow all the nuances of the conversation, could tell that James was a bad guy who was going to not include him on any of the profits. Marros decided to bust the group, but to pretend to play along with their plans. Curly puts him up in the cellar overnight.

The next morning, the group gets together again in one of the back rooms. James tries to insist that Marros take a weapon, but he shouts “NO WEAPON” at him. At this moment, James was visibly afraid for the first time ever since he was a little boy. They set Amber up with lockpicks for inside the citadel’s main courthouse and Allan gets the plans for the city. They travel to the Citadel of Ridebal the Eldritch, James and Ambre bickering the whole way about their former relationship. In the center of the citadel there is a white stone hall that looks like the city’s town hall, with roman style pillars. On the ground floor to the east is a wooden door. Before James could command Marros to do something, as he was still fighting with Ambre, Marros picks him up by the neck and feet and throws him at the door. The door breaks and James is unconscious. Ambre is screaming, Frank very surprised, Marros turns to the both of them and yells for them to “GO HOME.”

Ambre runs away and Frank shrugs and leaves. Unfortunately for Marros, the noise has attracted three guards of the Citadel. Coming to him, Marros tries to demonstrate that James is guilty. However, he rifles through James’s pockets only to find a package of medieval weed, illegal but not incriminating him of a potential heist. The guards demanded him to follow them into the hall. The captain of the guard, Flannigan O’Shenk, tells Marros in a holding cell that he can either pick to go to jail indefinitely for his crime, or join the guard, as they were impressed by his feats of strength and Goliath race. Marros decides to join the guard and is shipped out to Erif Castle to the slight southeast where adventures await him until he encounters a certain witch…. to be continued.



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