Captain Skippyjohn

"If your name was Maurice, you'd go by Skippyjohn too."


A tall, unusually unscarred pirate wearing the typical tricorn hat and with a saber in his belt. He has long hair that’s very thin up-top, like a redneck.

Skippyjohn has ownership over the Deth Proofe, which is a much more relaxed group of pirates than one would encounter normally.


Maurice John, Skippyjohn to everyone who has known him since the 6th grade, took over the Deth Proofe after being a cabin boy who rose through the ranks. People have come and gone from its deck, but the philosophy “Piracy with Honor” has stuck throughout the generations, yielding perhaps a tamer crew than one would experience. The oldest member of the crew still alive, Skippyjohn enjoys rising early to see the sun grace the ocean as well as navigating the ship through turmoiltous seas.

Don’t ask him about the “albatross incident.”

Captain Skippyjohn

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