Davis, Cormeran



Cormeran Davis has the look of a man who has seen some shit. Indeed, he has. At fifty years old, he was fully immersed in the Great War of Althea as a Sergeant Major for the humans. Every nation says they won the Great War. Most historians would say that Humans and Dwarves tied for first—except for Davis. Davis lost his wife and 32-month-old son at 35 and has been sailing the ocean ever since to escape home.

He imagines Pax would be similar to his son and has taken a liking to him because of this and is coming along with Alanna and Pax.

Annoyed by: blind faith
Sucker For: runaways and orphans
Favourite Sin: Gluttony Favourite Virtue: Humility Trusts in: no god
He has a deep distrust of religion. His favorite color is grey.

Davis, Cormeran

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