Agire Compass

A really banged-up, mysterious plot-laden device that seems to be really bad at displaying directions accurately.


This compass still has an unknown purpose or effect except for providing a piece of a Very Important Prophecy. Alanna suspects there are more compasses and that each compass is designed to point at the closest of its brothers. All she knows so far is the prophecy inscribed on this portion refers to the two additional party members, Marros and Rust, as well as Pax.

On the other side there is lifeā€”and there is death
Truth in the now should be given proper breadth
All speak truth, all speak lies
The three must be given the proper eyes

Driven by stone, driven by moss
Driven by loneliness, driven by loss
He needs them all to truly know
The way by which he needs to go


This compass was stolen from Cedric the Merchant during this encounter.. It is really banged up, dirty, and in horrible condition as compared to the pristine goblin compass. Rust lovingly provided the moonshine to Alanna in order to clean off the lid of the instrument so the prophecy was even readable.

Agire Compass

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