Djerak Compass

A mysterious plot-laden device that seems to be really bad at displaying directions accurately.


This compass still has an unknown purpose or effect except for providing a piece of a Very Important Prophecy. Alanna suspects there are more compasses and that each compass is designed to point at the closest of its brothers. All she knows so far is the prophecy inscribed on this portion refers to Pax.

Rebirth is the force from the beginning
that may, in time, keep the planet spinning
However, off its path if planet goes
Words to heed before it slows
North begets south, east begets west
Yet what comes is fear in man’s dark breast
Peace will come and will betide
In whom about it was prophesied.

She intends to have the temple at the Port of Wendir give some insight into its complicated nature.


Alanna stole this from the goblins, making them give her chase (obviously, Pax too, since she was following him).

They were not happy campers.

Djerak Compass

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