EPI Syringe

A concoction engineered by Alanna that allows the recipient to be stabilized in death.


In battle, an EPI syringe stops the conditions of unconscious and dying. This syringe, however, is still not a critical on a death saving throw, and brings the recipient to one hit point.

Out of battle, an EPI syringe automatically renders the recipient conscious, but very weak.


The EPI syringe is so called because of the perfect concoction of boiled herbs that comprise it: Emporae, Pecunarorum, and Ignam. It is much more wordy to call it “Emporae, Pecunarorum, and Ignam Syringe” so Alanna calls it EPI.

These herbs, unfortunately, are under strict regulation due to the Import/Export Agreement of Controlled Substances ratified by the three civilized nations. Only hospitals, clinics, and temples are allowed to grow them due to their properties. Alanna collected enough herbs for seven syringes worth during her time at her Order’s vestry.

The syringe itself is made of heavy duty glass and with needle so thick it makes people with a needle fetish run screaming. The intention is for it to be stabbed, rather crudely, in a large muscle in order to shock the system to awake, typically the quadricep.

EPI Syringe

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