Calendar System

Calendar Basics

Althea runs on a Gregorian calendar system, twelve months for a year, seven days to a week.

Days of the month are as follows:

Month number Month (Elvish) Month (Modern English)
1 Januar January
2 Februar February
3 Marte March
4 Ebril April
5 Mai May
6 Juin June
7 Juillet July
8 Agosto August
9 Sittembre September
10 Uttobre October
11 Nobiembre November
12 Dexenbre December

Days of the Week

Day Number Day (Elvish) Day (Modern English)
1 Morndas Monday
2 Tirdas Tuesday
3 Middas Wednesday
4 Turdas Thursday
5 Fredas Friday
6 Situndas Saturday
7 Soldas Sunday

To write a date in this system you start with the day, Month – year (abbr, if necessary).

Example: August 25, Present year.
25, Agosto – 20.

Example: September 10, 50 years ago.
10, Sittembre – 30 (Pmte).

Background on Calendar System

It is unknown how old the planet is, as written history has only been around less than 1000 years, begun by the Elves. The year is currently 20 Immodire, abbreviated (Imde). The Great War of Althea happened in 10 Primete, abbreviated (Pmte). The switch from Primete to Immodire is termed as “Degenete Decentat.”

Within Genedem and Djerak, there are established calendar systems with other means to count months, years, and dates. Humankind adopted the Elvish terms for time markers after writing entered their main culture.

Most of Althea uses all of these terms now, including the Elvish coinages marking before and after the Great War.

Calendar System

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