4e dwarves

The most technology savvy of all the races, dwarves have obsession with militarized accuracy and efficiency which can make them seem cold, yet they have some of the strongest family relations on the planet.

Physical Appearance

Dwarves average four feet in height, with squat, broad bodies. Male dwarves grow thick facial hair. Some females can grow beards but those who do generally shave. Dwarves have pale skin and eyes as most of their time is spent underground. Hair colors vary, but many gingers are non-common to see in a group.


Dwarves have a government controlled centrally by its military. Years ago, dwarves had a monarchy, but this was overthrown and the royal family executed. Now there is a representative democracy. Each province has a central city ruled by its local war directorate. From among this war directorate, is a representative, selected from amongst its six to eight members. This representative is sent to the war directorate at the national level, ruled executively by General of Special Operations and Strategies Coheed Skatra. Half of the General’s war directorate is his own selected cabinet, with the representatives supposedly giving the “voice of the people” to the executive branch.




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