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The goblins are the least civilized of all the four main races. Goblins are a fierce race who prize themselves on the brave nature of their warriors. Even before the Great War, anyone with a deathwish would go into goblin territory.


Goblins look reptillian in nature, yet clearly humanoid. While they have distinct fingers and toes, they tend to have hands and feet similar to a dinosaur in nature. Goblins cannot grow hair, due to the nature of the sweat glands needed for survival in their vast salt plane home. Typically, the skintone of a goblin ranges from green to grey and height caps at 5’3.


There is no centralized government and the organization of peoples is largely tribal and nomadic. Each tribe has a chieftain and warring amongst tribes for resources is common. There are some permanent publicly owned structures, but most are few and far between.


Their tribal nature puts them at least 200-300 years behind the rest of Althea in terms of healthcare and technology. Goblins have unique storytelling and oral tradition that hands legends throughout the ages. While there are some manifestations of written language in specific tribes most of the goblins are completely illiterate. Most goblins near borders and along some trade routes can speak Common.

Goblins have many children, as most do not survive their first hot season. This leaves usually five children per family.

In battle, goblins do not torture enemies, but they do scalp them after death. This is only to to remove the hair and discard the rest of the scalp. The mark of an important goblin chieftain or warrior is the amount of hair woven into wigs, headdresses, and other apparel.



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