Male goliath

Some consider these god-forged amalgams of inorganic material to be only killing machines. They’re mostly right.

Physical Appearance and Biology

Goliaths range in height from 7’0 to 9’0, and can literally weigh a ton. Well, how can’t they if they are beings whose composition derives directly from stone, rock, and gravel. As goliaths age, they also tend to grow moss and other plant-material on their bodies. Goliaths can live up to 500 years, yet most don’t because of their violent nature. Their aging process is quite slow, making 150 year-old goliath fairly young. Goliaths do not sleep, but trance for four hours a day to take an extended rest. Goliaths, although made out of inorganic material, are still a natural organism that requires sustenance.


Goliaths have no central government and are based on a family-unit system ideally. Each family is around 8-10 goliaths and they live in a central area. They are headed by the oldest patriarch of the family. They are hunters and gatherers. Now, however, most tribes live in the small area on Bald Craig ruled by a couple elders.


Goliaths have no religion, but many worship signs of technology they encounter, as they do not fully understand it.

History and Culture

Most hypothesize that the gods created goliaths as the prototypes of men, and finished with them when they moved on to the more “civilized” races. Yet, this theory does not explain how there came to be different ages. No matter how they came to be, they suffered for the past two hundred years whenever most of the world ganged up against them in order to isolate them from their distribution across the southern regions of the planet (goblin and human) territories. The world leaders at this time decided to concentrate them in their own area in order to keep like with like.

However, this was not in the favor of the goliaths. Some tribes of goliaths are more advanced than others, some being made of flesh and bone with rock apparati, and others made of rock. This caused great duress with the uniting of all these tribes. Add in the inherently violent nature of goliaths, and extinction occurs promptly.

Goliaths have no spoken language outside of grunts. Most tribal leaders now can speak Common at least conversationally in their dealings of the seizing of their lands. This knowledge is passed down (sometimes).


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