Honorable Mention NPCS

There comes a point where it is unfeasible to make a page for every third-NPC-from-the-left that comes along.

That’s where this page comes in.

This page is a much more simplified record of NPCs that have names, yet are not worthy enough of having their own pages.

Name General Description Location Misc
Ambre James’s bitchy tavern wench/lockpick ex-girlfriend who runs away during the heist in Marros’s flashback. Lives in Forden Keep and worked at the Golden Earring. Hot with big tits. Now Dead
Aroutelus Marros’s grandfather who sends him out into the human world at the Goliath age of 18. Lives on Bald Craig. Probably dead by now due to the violent warring nature of the Goliaths.
Belle Tavern wench who serves Pax bangers and mash and performs a can-can on stage Lives in Kwype Stronghold. Irish accent.
Clyde Town bureaucrat who tries to force Rust out of the Lo Woods and has issues with scrolls. Lives in New Erif. Dead
Flannigan O’Shenk Human Captain of the Guard who questioned Marros during his flashback Lives in Citadel of Ridebal the Eldritch. Now Dead
Frank Third member of the thieving party to steal the weapons documents from the Citadel. Nonchalant. Lives in Forden Keep. Now Dead
Hershel Human bureaucrat also in charge of firebeetles. Lives in New Erif Dead
Stern, Capt. Human Captain of the Guard near the port who dissuades Pax from trying to go to Elanoar. Lives in Kwype Stronghold.
Warchast Conkle Human war-veteran caught in the Black Widow’s spell. Stone body resides in Erif Castle. Always to fall asleep first during meetings. Stone

Honorable Mention NPCS

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