Homebrew Rules

Some homebrew stuff that comes up along the way. Consult this for future reference.


  • To put someone in a choke-hold with the intention of rendering them unconscious (at 1 hp) with either your hands or an implement, roll a d20 plus strength mod to initiate. This is versus the target’s Reflex. Three turns are needed to successfully complete the maneuver, with the target failing three savings throws. The first roll as a null modifier to the saving roll, second -1, and third -2. After the third missed throw, the person is slumped unconscious. They can be made conscious, however, if their allies administer first aid or heal them.
  • To use bare fists in combat as an “improvised” weapon, use a 1d6 for a medium humanoid character (Rust), 1d8 for a large humanoid character (Marros). Attack roll is a d20 plus strength mod. Proficiency can be gained by taking the unarmed proficiency feat (see below).


  • Unarmed Proficiency: Upon selecting this feat, the player is now proficient in using bare fists, yielding +2 to attack rolls.


Homebrew Rules

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