Kwype Stronghold


Kwype stronghold

Kwype Stronghold is to the west of central Agire, the closest major city to the Brotherhood of the Laughing Peace. It is on an inlet, close to the seas. The Stronghold itself is surrounded by large stone walls, that end at the open port. At this basic port, one can get a ship to essentially any human controlled province, as well as the Port of Wendir, a major trade route. You can also pay a non-publically subsidized voyage to travel to the other continents, but do you really want to sign your death notice?

Local Culture and Government

Kwype has a Stratford-upon-Avon flair to it, as depicted above. There is a relatively strong military presence here due to the proximity to the Djerak border. This town is ruled by its military, with taxes sent to the king’s coffers.

Kwype Stronghold

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