Port of Wendir


Port of wendir

The Port of Wendir is one of the largest port cities across Althea. Don’t let the fact that it is on an island approximately the size of Maryland deceive you: almost the entire island is this Port town, rending it utterly massive. Not detailed in the picture, but the walls seem to be made of a higher-quality stone than what your typical retaining wall is made out of—a dark, flecked granite. This is definitely a wealthy place.

Local Culture

This is technically a elven island, the elves who live here are completely different than those on the mainland, and even the island to the north. These elves, used to human clientele, do not have such the severe attitude as the above island. Of course, there is segregation, but there is no outright hostility. There are human living quadrants that happened by de facto segregation.

In the center of the city is a large place of worship, more unitarian in nature. This temple houses a large library and a wealth of knowledgable clerics that know about local lore.

Local Government

Unlike the rest of the elven lands, ruled directly through a theocracy, the Port has a mayor and a city council. Originally, the leader of the central temple in Wendir was the ruler of this Port, but as the focus shifted to a commerce-centric practice, this made traders uncomfortable—especially in light of paying taxes to a church. Now, with figurehead-style taxes paid to Elanoar’s central Church of Saal, this city is largely autonomous to do what it pleases.

Port of Wendir

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