Taverns are the heart and soul of any amount of travel across Althea, providing you with some strong ale, beef stew, and maybe some wenches. Some have good reputations, some bad, and some are ridiculously bawdy. This serves as a record of all the taverns and where to find them across the world.

Specific Tavern Information

Tavern Name Location Brief Description
The Golden Earring Forden Keep Tavern owned by Curly over 100 years ago
The Eagle’s Claw Kwype Stronghold More bawdy tavern, has a live can-can show every half hour, strict security.
The Gilded Steed Port of Wendir Very cleancut, more like a bed-and-breakfast, small bar. Business elves have their afterwork drinkies here.
Three Titted Mermaid Port of Wendir The seedy side of taverns, deep in the black market areas closest to the back of the wall.


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